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Sirbalo Net Worth, Age and Biography

This biography details are on Nigerian comedy act Sirbalo Comedy. The most vibrant comedy scenes in Nigeria. The comedians in Nigeria are adept at making almost anything comedy making use of their imagination and creativity.

It’s not surprising that people will pay thousands of naira just to watch the comedians perform live at shows and events.

We often fail to make time for time to relax and enjoy laughter due to our hectic schedules and plans for the future.

Thanks to all the comedians who are so dedicated to making people laugh.The talented Timothy Obotuke, better known by his stage name Sir Balo is among the comedians you have met on the Nigerian comedy scene. Find out all about Sir Balo on this section on Skeliloaded.

Sirbalo Full Biography

Sir Balo Also called Timothy Obotuke, is a Nigerian actor comedian, YouTuber, comedian social media influencer and creator of content. Sir Balo, who was born on the 27th of March was born at home in Warri, Delta State. Parents of Sir Balo are not well-known in a variety of ways.

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Sir Balo was born into an ordinary family. Before moving to Lagos to pursue his education in tertiary and further pursue his secondary and primary schooling in Lagos.
He attended the renowned Lagos State University, where the school he attended received his education.

Sirbalo Biography Profile

Real Name: Timothy Obotuke
Stage Name: Sirbalo Comedy
Nationality: Nigerian
Country: Nigeria
State Of Origin: Delta state
Date Of Birth: 27th March
Age: 30 years old
Religion: Christianity
Tribe: Itsekiri
Occupation: Comedian, Content Creator
Marital Status: Single
Girlfriend: Adibeli ifeoma faith
Net Worth In Dollar: $600,000
Net Worth In Naira: N265,956,000.00
Net Worth In Euro: EUR579,170.40

Sirbalo Age

Sir age is approximately 30 years old however he could be older than 30 years old.

Sirbalo Date Of Birth

Sirbalo’s birth date Sirbalo is not publically available He hasn’t shared the year on his social media pages, however the month of his birth is on the 27th of March..

Sirbalo Educational Background

The First School Living Certificate (FSLC) as well as The West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination Certificate are the outcomes of Sirbalo’s completion secondary and primary education.

He pursued his higher education at the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU).

Despite his degree, Sirbalo decided against pursuing an academic career and instead decided to pursue his career in the online entertainment industry.

Sirbalo Comedy Career

Sirbalo was involved in a range of odd jobs in Lagos streets prior to moving to comedy. Before his first big break in comedy Sirbalo was involved in a significant number of hustle.

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In the year 2018 In 2018, he started posting short funny videos to the Instagram account, he also was a future Nigerian comedy comedian Nasty BlaQ on his comedy skit.
His ability to entertain people and be imaginative quickly gained him a huge number of followers Instagram.

The YouTuber currently has more than 360,000 subscribers to his channel on YouTube with over 840,000 subscribers on Instagram and more than 7,000,000 people on Facebook.

Then, Sirbalo launched the Sirbalo clinic YouTube channel. Famous influencers and even celebrities have posted his videos on different online platforms. Sirbalo has worked with many people, such as Moyin, Officer woos, Small Daddy, Yawa skits and many others. The actress in her early years, Moyin Dada, who is also referred to as Moyin was featured in a comedy skit performed by Sirbalo that earned her fame.

Sirbalo Girlfriend

There is no proof that Sirbalo is married or has children that are in the public domain. While the girlfriend of Sirbalo is not known, Adibeli ifeoma faith (Mama) frequently assumes the character of the girlfriend of Sirbalo in his majority of skits.

Sirbalo House Apartment

The comedian shared images of himself front of a huge house on the official Instagram account on May 8th, 2021.
It was noted that congratulations were written in the caption of the post. He joined Lagos’s latest homeowner league.

Sirbalo Cars

You can indulge in luxury including the luxury of automobiles, if you’re wealthy and well-known.
Previously, Sir Ball had a Lexus RX 350 SUV.
He was involved in a tragic accident that led to the destruction of the beautiful car.
Fortunately, Sir Balo did not perish. Within a few months of the loss, Sir Balo purchased an Mercedes Benz C-300.

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Mercedes Benz has always been recognized for its high-end cars which are comfortable and efficient. The same is true for the case with the Mercedes Benz C-300 SirBalo is the owner of. Elegant features like rain-sensing windshield wipers that automatically LED headlights and heated side-view mirrors that can be adjusted with power and heated, as well as power-folding and auto-dimming are available as standard features on this model. The Mercedes-Benz C300’s base engine is turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that generates 273 pounds of torque. It is operated by an automatic transmission featuring nine speeds. For Sale Mercedes Benz C300

Sirbalo Net Worth 2023

Sirbalo is a Nigeria manufacturer of skitts Sirbalo is estimated to have a net worth of 600,000 US Dollars in 2023 which is equivalent to approximately N265,956,000.00 In Nigeria currency. The sources of his income are through YouTube and other advertising platforms, as well as endorsements and live performances.

Sirbalo Net Worth 2021

Sabinus’ estimated net worth Sabinus for 2021 amounts to $400,000. US Dollar. In this year 2021 he’s been a well-known comedian across Nigeria and has been earning enormous sums of money.

Sirbalo Net Worth 2020

The net value of Sirbalo in 2020 is not that big and is about $200,000. US Dollar even though his lifestyle has been transformed He has lived his luxurious lifestyle long enough, but in the year 2020, his social media accounts have been boosted with a large number of followers across the globe.

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