Lilian Nganga Biography: Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Parents, Tribe, Husband, Career

Lilian Nganga Biography

Lilian Nganga is a Kenyan social worker and philanthropist. She was famously recognized because she was she was the spouse of Alfred Mutua, governor of Machakos county in Kenya. Her name was also in the news following her announcement of her break-up in a relationship with Alfred Mutua. Lilian was an active person who was involved in various social causes. She she also contributed tremendously in her role as first lady in the county.

Lilian Nganga
Lilian Nganga Biography: Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Parents, Tribe, Husband, Career

Lilian Nganga: Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: June 22, 1985
Place of Birth: Kiambu County, Kenya
Nationality: Kenyan
Occupation: Social worker Philanthropist, Social worker
Parents: Mr Nganga, Mrs Nganga
Siblings: N/A
Partner: Alfred Mutua (ex.)
Height: 5 ‘ 6″
Net Worth: $800,000

Lilian Nganga Early Life

Lilian Nganga was born on June 22, 1985, Kiambu County, Kenya. The family she was brought up by her parents Mr and Mrs Nganga who were eager to provide a better living for their children.

She was awarded a scholarship, and had the chance to receive a quality education. She attended Thogotho Girls High School, Kiambu for her secondary schooling. She earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and Tourism at the University of Nairobi. She furthered her studies, obtaining an advanced qualification in the field of Science as well as Project Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

Lilian Nganga Career

Lilian Nganga began her career as a receptionist at the Safari Park Hotel and left after just one year.

She was a part of Kenyan Airways and worked there for nearly six years, where she demonstrated such enthusiasm and intelligence in the course of her work.

She got into the modeling industry , but also showed her entrepreneurial skills through the opening of an establishment for beauty services. The business was later shut down. beauty salon when things did not go according to expected.

She started a tour agency and made it a success with her experience in tourism and hospitality.

Nganga has also been a charitable donor and has been instrumental in bringing awareness about cancer. She has helped many struggling children with their school fees as well as other essentials of life with the Lilian Nganga Foundation. Lilian Nganga foundation.

Lilian Nganga Personal Life

Lilian came across Alfred Mutua on the stage of the official program and they were in love with one the other. They became very close and then, after a few years they got married. The couple welcomed their first child. spent almost 10 years, before they decided to split in the wake of irreconcilable disagreements. However, their divorce hasn’t been declared official.

Lilian Nganga Social Media

Lilian Nganga is active on social media. She is on Instagram @ngangalilian

Lilian Nganga Net Worth

Lilian Nganga is a professional as an entrepreneur and social worker. She is estimated to have a net worth of $800,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lilian Nganga?

She is an Kenyan social worker as well as a an philanthropist. She is recognized for being the spouse of Alfred Mutua.

How old is Lilian Nganga?

Her birth date was June 22, 1985.

Where is Lilian Nganga from?

Born in Kiambu County, Kenya.

Is Lilian Nganga married?

She was wed in marriage to Alfred Mutua, governor of Machakos county in Kenya.

Does Lilian Nganga has a child?

The mother of her daughter is who is Alfred Mutua.

What is Lilian Nganga Net Worth?

She is estimated to have a net worth of $800,000.

What is the height of Lilian Nganga?

She has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

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