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Hamid Mir Net Worth: Biography, Age, Wife, Children

Hamid Mir Biography

Hamid Mir was born on (July 23rd in 1966) the 23rd of July, 1966. He is a Pakistani chronicler, writer and journalist.

Full Name: Hamid Mir
Father Name: Waris Mir
Mother Name: Mumtaz Mir
Wife: Naheed Hamid
Children: 2
Nationality: Pakistani
Country: Pakiatan
Born/Date Of Birth: 23 July 1966 Lahore , Punjab, Pakistan
Age: 56 (2022)
High School Education: Masters
Almar Mater: University of Punjab, Government College University, Government College of Science
Years Active: 1987 – Present
Known For: Interviewing Osama bin Laden
Occupation/Work: Journalist, Content Writer
Marital Status: Married
Race/Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Paki
Religion: Islam
Email: Under Research
Phone Number: Under Research
Net Worth: $6 Millions USD

He also hosted an election talk show. Since 2002, he’s composed heat for capital conversation in Geo News and heat for English newspapers as well as English and English newspapers.

International and domestic. It was . Washington Post since June 2021. It is widely known as his position on the dominance of the post.

Hamid Mir has survived two attempts to assassinate him and was able to be seen on TV three times and was twice beaten due to his stance on human rights and the media.

Hamid Mir Early Life And Personal Life

Mir is the sole journalist to be interviewed by Osama bin Laden, who was killed in the September 11 attacks. His professional career, Mir also has interviewed many world leaders.

Former UN secretary Ban General Ki Moon, Secretary of State John Kerry, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Secretary of State Colin Powell, United States.

Hamid interview with Nelson Mandela, Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Yasser Arafat Indian president L.K. Advani, Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai and Shimon Peres.

A few notable events Pakistanian politician was interviewed through Hamid Mir Benazirbhutto Pervezz Mugharraf, Asif Ali Zardari Nawaz Sharif Imran Khan Mir Zafarualah Khan Jamali and Arif Alvi. Mir also spoke to the actors.

Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. [19 ] He was awarded an award of civil merit for his . Work in Pakistan. He was awarded the award in 2016. received the biggest . The Recovery Reporter award “in Hague by Press unlimited.

Hamid Mir he was awarded a life-realization award by the former prime minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali. Lahore public university. His work is regarded as an old news. Hamid Mir is the only journalist to cover the conflict that rages in South Asia.

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Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Bosnia and Sri Lanka. In recognition of his conflict and war relations the was awarded the 2010 Prize Saarc Lifetime Achievement Award in New Delhi.

Hamid Mir is a regular participant in international conferences. He also attended a conference on human rights, security and media freedom. He also addressed a conference at Harvard.

London Oxford University Yale University California University and California University, Berkeley.

Hamid’s grandpa is Mir Abdul Aziz of Sialkot. His father Waris Mir also works as an Jangand daily columnist, and Mir’s mom is Mumtaz Mir who immigrated to Pakistan from Jammu and Kashmir in India in 1947.

His father passed away in Lahore on July 9th, 1987, and his mother passed away in 1993. Hamid Mir studied at Government University College as well as Punjab University.

Mir has been married for a while to Nahid Khame, who has worked for Pakistani television and private channels for a number of years. Their couple is blessed with two kids. His wife and two kids went on a trip to Europe in 2007 due to security concerns.

Hamid Mir Career

Hamid Mir joined the Daily Journal (Lahore) in 1987. Since then, he has served as an reporter, assistant editor as well as writer and editor.

In the year 1990, Mir was abducted, beat and brought back to his home, where the kidnappers wanted to know the source for the story he written about the presidency of Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s attempt to take over Bhutto’s government. Bhutto government.

The year 1994 was the time he caused an uproar by purchasing of an underwater vessel. Many close friends from Asif Zardari (husband of Benazir Bohutto) were involved in the scandal, as well as numerous naval officers.

Hamid Mir has lost her position at Daily Journal the day her article was published.

The year 1996 was the time that Mir was appointed editor for The Daily Pakistan in Islamabad and the youngest editor of the nation-wide Urdu publication in history Pakistani journalism.

He was fired in 1997. quit his job after he wrote an article in the Daily Pakistan about allegations of corruption in the government of Premier Nawaz Sharif.

On 25 December 1997, he named Harian Ausaf (Islamabad) as editor. Mir is the only Pakistani journalist to speak with Osama bin Laden.

He first spoke to bin Laden and the Daily Pakistan in March 1997 in a cave at Mount Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan. Mir was able to conduct a second meeting in May 1998 with bin Laden and Osaf in May 1998 in an area of hideout near Kandahar International Airport.

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Hamid has been the only and only female journalist to speak with bin Laden since 9/11. On the 8th of November 2001, he spoke with bin Laden for the third time in Dawn and Ausaf in an unidentified location close to Kabul.

Mir went to the eastern part of Afghanistan during December of 2001, to look into Osama bin Laden’s disappearance from Tora Bora mountains.

Mir was in bin Laden’s cave in his visit to the cave during US bombing. Mir added the claim that Hazrat Ali, the leader of the United States-backed Northern Alliance, secured safe entry in the direction of bin Laden after receiving a substantial payment in bribes.

Hamid has also written weekly articles in support of Osama bin Laden’s bio as well as The Journal of the Journal.

The year 2002 saw Mir was a part of Geo News and was the host of Capital Talk, Pakistan’s oldest current affairs show, which is which is a non-political talk program.

Hamid Mir also has special programming that focuses on the areas in crisis which include the most notable of which was in 2009 during the Long March. The popularity of Geo grew with time in the years that followed as Geo was able to become one of the most watched television channels from Pakistan.

Talk about current happenings and debate controversial issues. [1744Mir was arrested in July 2006 Mir was detained during July of 2006, in Beirut during the war between Lebanon and Israel to record the bombing of Beirut by an Israeli Hezbollah fighter aircraft, but was released after Hezbollah confirmed that it was not an Israeli spy.

Within a few seconds of his escape the scene, it was surrounded by Israeli forces. The Israeli forces narrowly avoided the scene.

Hamid Mir Recognition And Awards

Hilal-iImtiaz Award in Journalism was awarded by the PNP government of President Zardari on the 14th of August, 2012.

On the 26th of March 2010 the South Asian Literary Foundation’s Writers and Regional Cooperation Foundation presented Mir with the South Asia Regional Cooperation Foundation General Contribution Award “. in Pakistan.

Hamid Mir was awarded the Agakhee Award for Favorite Host in the People’s Choice category on March 28, 2012.

On April 13 2013 a video appeared on social media that showed Hamid Mir being presented with the “Friend of the Liberation War” award from Sheikh Hasina.

Named for the father of Varis Mir. The video caused some debate in Pakistan.

The year 2015 was the time The Washington Post called Mir “Pakistan’s most well-known television journalist in hiding.”

The year 1998 was the time that Hamid Mir received the APNS Award for Best Urdu columnist.

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Hamid Mir Assignations Attempt

He was also the subject of an assassination plot during November of 2012 after security personnel were able to shut off the 0.5 kg device that was explosive in his vehicle.

The Pakistani Taliban took that they were responsible for the incident. On the 19th of April 2014 Hamid Mir was shot dead by a shooter, and was wounded by three gunshots.

In the past, he had sent an email to the committee, informing them of the fact that Pakistani Intelligence organization ISI and its chief Lieutenant General Zahir-ul-Islam will be held accountable if they were attacked.

To ensure that video journalists are protected from ISI in the case of an attempted assassination. Geonews was also banned because of Hamid Mir’s remarks.

Hamid Mir Criticism

Hamid Mir said I have been accused repeatedly of backing the Taliban. Taliban supporters have accused him of being a CIA agent who was under the direction under the direction of CIA agent Farhan Dhadwal.

The Taliban claimed that they placed a bomb in his vehicle. The 78-year old was made an the agent of India following the invitation of Pervez Hoodbhoy into his program.

The next day, a few Urdu-language media were furious because two Indian agents were featured appearing on Geo TV.

Following his release in 2007, Musharraf declared Hamid Mir as a Taliban sympathizer and barred his access to Geo TV for more than four months.

An interview was conducted by MonthlyNewsline Karachi (December 2008), Mir explained the difference between her and Musharraf.

Peace was under threat by a variety of Armed groups after he published an investigative report about the Taliban.

The year 2009 was the first time Mir in 2009, Mir Hamas with the Taliban. As per Mir, “Hamas may have more suicide bombers than Taliban however they’re different.”

In an article entitled “Hamas constructed the first Bomber School During the Taliban,” Mir wrote that both Hamas as well as the Taliban were raised in refugee camps, and both were exiled from the West.

Mir claims that many Hamas members were trained in Pakistani institutions, and a lot of them were friends with Abdullah Azam, who was part of the Afghan militant group to fight the Soviet Union and Osama bin Laden’s mentor during the 1980s.

Hamid Mir Net Worth

The well-known Pakistan media personality Hamid Mir is said to have a net worth estimated at $5 million US Dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 1 billion Rupee on the Pakistan currency. Hamid Mir’s net worth is a record through his journalistic life He is a wealthy person in Pakistan.

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