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Ayleks Biography

Ayleks as well as Aylek$ both were born on on the 24th of June the 24th of June, 1998. The real name of her is Alexandria Laveglia. She is famous for her amazing ability in rapping.

She’s also gaining popularity on Instagram and could become a major star if she can rap.

she is an American musician and rapper.

She became even more famous when she got married to Trippie Redd.

Trippie Redd could be considered to be an ancestor of famous Dex which is one of the most popular among fans.

Even though her appearance and physical features are not the way you’d imagine but she still leaves fans speechless when handed an opportunity to speak.

Ayleks: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name: Alexandria Laveglia
Stage Name: Aylek$
Born: 24-June 1998 (age 24 years old)
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: American
Parents: N/A
Height: 155cm
Siblings: Ayoiskat
Boyfriend * Husband: Trippie Redd, 6ix9ine (ex.)
Occupation: Rapper * Songwriter
Net Worth: $500,000

Ayleks Early life

Ayleks was the child of mixed-ethnic parents.

Her gorgeous mom was Italian as is her father, who’s Haitian. She was born in Brooklyn the heart in New York City, on the 24th July 1998.

According to the media, the gorgeous Ayleks wasn’t the sole child of her parents.

She is a younger sibling to Ayoiskat.

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Ayleks Education

In the present details about Aylex’s educational background isn’t accessible.

The singer may have attended school at the University of Brooklyn, New York where she was born. TheCityCeleb will update this information in the event that it is accessible.

Ayleks Career

Ayleks was thought of as a nobody until she had a relationship with an ex-boyfriend Trippie Redd, who helped bring her to the forefront of. Trippie redd was her cousin, Famous Dex. This attracted a lot of attention and helped her continue her career in music.

Ayleks made her debut single in July 2018 , when she was 20 years old. After the release of Trippie Redd‘s promo the single became a huge success.

In just one week, it was receiving thousands of viewers on YouTube and SoundCloud. The success and excitement of TrippieRED caused a dramatic growth in the number of followers on AylekFacebook and other social media sites. The singer was also a well-known artist and video maker whose people followed in the hope to hear more.

She also composed the hit songs Booty Jigle as well as FWM. Asian groups and a host of other incredible music.

Aylek”$” is an Instagram star. The star’s Instagram account has more than 2.2 million people following her. Ex-boyfriend Trippie redd is the reason for her rise in followership.

Fashion Nova is the brand’s ambassador and can also be the brand’s spokesperson. In the past, she was a part of Iceboxthe company that manufactures high-end watches and diamonds.

Social Media

Ayleks made the decision to create an online presence to expand her business. Instagram was her first obsession and she soon became a frequent user.

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She interacts the followers of her via live videos and stunning photographs. Since October 2018 she has over 12.7k people following her on Twitter.
The user is in active.

  • Instagram: @ayleks
  • Twitter: @bhadbhabie

Personal Life

Ayleks lives a healthy lifestyle with a healthy body and stands 5-foot-1″ tall. The translation is precise. Her waist and hip measurements are 33c-23-33 inches. Her hair shade appears to be brown. Eyes are gorgeous and dark and she conceals them with a prescriptive eye contact.

Around 60 percent the body of the woman is completely covered with tattoos. Her most well-known tattoo is the cloud-shaped forehead tattoo.
Aylek$ was in relationship with TrippieRED before they broke up. Even though she’s unmarried It is believed she had intimate relations with 6ix9ine.

Ayleks Net Worth

Ayleks holds a high position in the world of music. The estimated value of her net worth stands at $500,000 which she earns through sales of songs and performances at the theater. Ayleks lives in a small, but well-appointed house. She also has two vehicles.

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