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Ashley Scott Biography

Ashley Scott is an American model and actress. She is well-known for her performances in A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Into the Blue. The Kingdon.
The actress was born in Metairie (La.) USA on the 13th of July 1977. The daughter of the president of administrator assistant Andrea Meister, nurse Joe Scott. (Ashley Scott Net Worth)
Ashley is the sole one of her parents. She doesn’t have siblings. Ashley was raised on the coast of Charleston along with her entire family.There isn’t much on the web regarding her early years. Ashley hasn’t been able to share much information details about the time she spent in her home.Scott is an American citizen, and a part of English, Irish, Danish and Danish ethnicities. Her zodiac mark is Cancer.

Ashley Scott Career

She started modeling at an early age. In 1993, she was named her Elite Model Look finalist.

She started modeling internationally, on shows like Paris, London, Paris and many more. 2001 was her first appearance on screen, starring A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

The actress was later cast in several other films which included Walking Tall (2004), Into the Blue (2006), 12 Rounds (2007) as well as The Kingdon (2007).

She was also a part of TV shows such as Birds of Prey, CBS Jericho between 2006 and 2009, as well as Lifetime’s UnReal.

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Ashley Scott Personal Life

Ashley Scott, the beautiful actress, has in a single life currently. She isn’t engaged.

She was a former actress who married twice. Each of them ended at the at the end.

Steve Hart was her last husband. She had two children: Ada as well as Iyla. After nine years of marriage, the couple split and moved on.

Before getting married to Hart before her, she was wed to Anthony Rhulen between 2004 and in 2008. There were no children born between them.

Ashley Scott Age

Her birthplace was in Metairie (La.) USA at the 13th July 1977.she was age 45. older . She is the daughter of the administrator staff assistant Andrea Meister, nurse Joe Scott.

Ashley Scott’s Net Worth

Ashley Scott, an A.I. Ashley Scott, Artificial Intelligence’s leading figure, has an estimated net worth of $450,000 in 2022.

Her success as a model and cinematography have contributed to the bulk of her earnings.

While her income per year isn’t yet in a moderate manner but it’s likely to surpass tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Ashley Scott Relationship Status

According to various reliable sources Ashley Scott is most likely to be dating someone else. She has not dated anyone after her divorce.

After a marriage of nearly 10 years, their relationship was cut short. The date of their annulment is not public.

Since then, she’s spent more time than she has ever before on her work. She is sure to find her ideal partner in the near future, when she feels it is the right fit for her.

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She was involved in an affair in a relationship Ashley Kutcher who is who is an American actor. The two began their relationship in 2001. The actress was also new in the field.

Shema Moore met with her the same year, and they began to date. The couple broke up the following year, the same way as before.

It was reported that she was involved in a relationship previously together with Colin Farrell. The two never discussed the allegations but they ended up moving to the next stage.

Farrell has a production company and they were married as a couple in 2004. The exact date and location of the ceremony aren’t available.

The ceremony was private and private. There were only a few of their relatives were present. were in a connection for a number of years.

The couple filed for divorce 4 years after and ended up getting divorced. divorce remains unclear Their marriage didn’t have any children.

The couple also faced issues within their relationship after nine years. This resulted in their separation in the year 2019.

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