All You Need to Know about Campbell High School

With everything you should be aware of Campbell High School, which is not hidden from you this school is surely deserving of being regarded to be one of Cobb County District’s best high schools within the Cobb County District. It is a private high school and an International Baccalaureate magnet school located in Smyrna, Georgia, United States located northwest of Atlanta.

It was named for Orme Campbell The maternal grandmother of the gentleman who gave the land upon which the school was initially built and stipulated that the school’s name could not be altered. Orme Campbell High School opened in 1952 following the amalgamation with Smyrna High School as well as Fitzhugh Lee High School. It was first opened with 425 students from the grades of 8-11.

However, in the year 1990 the courts upheld the name change for the school based on clauses in the deed’s initial restrictions on the property the school was located on had to be named after the Campbell family and the school’s term “Campbell High School” was reinstated.

In 1997 the school was moved to the former site of the old Wills High School because of rapid growth, but it retained the Campbell name to ensure a consistent brand.

All You Need To Know About Campbell High School

Here’s everything you must be aware of regarding Campbell High School when compared to its neighbouring schools and other institutions:

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Academic Programs And Success

In the fall of 1997 Campbell introduced its International Baccalaureate (IB) program to act as a magnet program within Cobb County. The program, which is under the direction under the direction of Dan Penick and Max Jones has achieved very impressive scores on IB tests, with an average of 5.30 as compared to 4.79 around the world. In 2014, the CHS IB pass rate in 2014 was 98%, and in 2015 it was 88 percent. In 2014 the pass rate in Georgia was 66 percent and 76 percent in the US and 80% globally. In 2015 the global pass rate was 88%.

Prominent Facilities And Buildings

Sixteen hallways and more than fifteen buildings form Campbell High School. The main building is comprised of the former Nash Middle School and Wills High School buildings, joined with a media center, main office suites and the Livingston Auditorium and eating hall. The 1,000 Building (science) is located at the back of the building, and is adjacent to the fieldhouse.

At the northernmost point of the campus lies campus’s 2000 Building (constructed in January 2008) which was designed to replace 12 portable classrooms as well as added several courses the school in the past not provided. In the vicinity of that building are the brand new greenhouse and horticulture building.

Repute And Social Contributions

Another thing that you must be aware of Campbell High School is the reality that the school is acknowledged to have produced students who have become luminaries within the community and currently contribute their respective quotas to the growth of their communities:

  • McKinley Belcher III, actor
  • C. Martin Croker, voice artist, director and animation actor
  • Tay Glover Wright, American soccer player
  • Chris Lewis-Harrisis a defense back of Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Brian Oliver (Wills Class of 1986), basketball player
  • Julia Roberts, Academy Award-winning actress
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